We can develop for you, your nano-program that will be dedicated to your new drug delivery systems
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With several years of experience in R&D, we have the capability to develop and create new IP along to your research needs for new Nanomedicine.
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We are proud to Outsource our expertise to you in order to develop new nano systems from our R&D platform and our combined resources.
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NYCNMR is located in the heart of the Buffalo Bio-Cluster and partners with several recognized R&D institutions. Our Aim is to be part of the acceleration of the health benefit for patient bringing new drugs with new nano delivery systems which are less toxic for the patient and focus more on the personalization of medicine.
Listed as a service provider our core competencies are based on:

  • Dedicated services
  • Research capabilities
  • Partnering expertise



As a for profit company, the center has the experience to access large range of clients and networks. Our goal is to guarantee that the final product can be brought to the market as fast possible for the sake of medicine and patients waiting for new personalized medicine systems.


There is no project too small for us. Currently you can have access to our existing portfolio of Drug Delivery Systems (fast delivery, fast return, lure acquisition of IP with a fast access to market).

R&D Clinical Trial Support

Being transparent with several of the local R&D teams, we can offer this capacity to manage with our team and Principal investigators, early clinical trials phase and move your project from bench to early validation testing process. The NYCNMR will directly act as your project manager during all the step process of the development.