About Us

About Us

Our Core Value is to increase the health, longevity and quality of life to patients.


The field of ‘Nanomedicine’ is the science and technology of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease and traumatic injury, of relieving pain, and of preserving and improving human health, using molecular tools and molecular knowledge of the human body. It is perceived as embracing five main sub-disciplines that in many ways are overlapping and underpinned by the following common technical issues: 


  • Novel Therapeutics and Drug Delivery Systems
  • Clinical, Regulatory and Toxicological Issues
  • Nanomaterials and Nano-devices
  • Analytical Tools
  • Nano-imaging


The New York Center for Nanomedicine Research is emerging as a critical platform in the New York State Life Science Ecosystem. The mission of the Center is to provide R&D institutions and national and international companies an innovative infrastructure for the discovery of nanoscale therapeutic, clinical, diagnostic and targeting of drug delivery agents and applications.


The aim of the Center is to convene existing research projects from private and public research Institutions with advanced Nanotechnology applications. Clients of the center are Academic / R&D institutions, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and emerging life science companies looking to accelerate new processes from new drug delivery systems.

Our Technologies

  • Liposomal Delivery and Targeting Systems (Both Natural and Synthetic)
  • Micelle Delivery and Targeting Systems Liposomal and Micelle Release Kinetics Enzymatic or energy based triggering with Notched Vessels for controlled released
  • Intranasal Platform Non-target, targeted, Bioactive or Multimodal Targeting and Delivery of Nanotherapeutics for Peripheral Nervous System Disorders
  • BBB/BNB transport models Nanocarriers for pharmaceutical with controllable properties of water-insoluble drugs, DNA, and diagnostic agents to various disease sites
  • Design of multi-functional drug delivery systems with recombinant fusion proteins, liposomes, polymer nanocarriers, monoclonal antibodies and other affinity ligands.
  • Nano Cages, Cationic Strings, Graphene, Clay and Polymeric Systems
  • Transfection/Delivery Systems for Drugs, Genetic Materials including Plasmids.
  • PDT Compounds and Treatment including 12 licensed IP Technologies
  • Advanced Transdermal Systems
  • Nanoparticle Synthesis Pain, Addiction and Depression Studies Targeting p11 Gene/Protein Expression (NIH) In vivo animal Models.
  • Pharmacocinétique and Pharmacodynamic models
  • In Vitro 2 and 3 Dim cell culture, Ex Vivo cell culture.
  • Next-generation of imaging agents and Multimodal imaging
  • NanoToxicity valuation;  Ultra-Fast, Non-toxic Transfecting and Delivery Systems (self-replicating nanodelivery system for neuronal tissues) Non-toxic Quantum dots for Gene Therapy for Cancer, HIV Infections, Asthma, and COPD.
  • Gene delivery and Gene knock-down, Gene and protein expression analysis.
  • Single Dose Vaccine Systems and Vaccine Development Platforms.
  • Transit of Theranostics Across the Blood Brain Barrier.

Our Partners

Today’s leitmotiv is to increase Partnerships. Today our collaboration efforts help us to increase the success of our Technology development. With more than 20 years of Experience we are capable to integrate our research in the discovery fields. We are engaging 2 types of Partnerships.

  1. With R&D Institutions
  2. With Corporate structure
R&D Institutions/Academics Partners Corporate Partners
Pure R&D: creation, development and Integration of new nanoparticles or nano Drug Delivery Systems into the discovery process.
RPCI (Oncology)
Kaleida Health
UB School of Chemical engineering
Alfred University (Ceramics)
Jacobs Institute (CNS)
Toshiba Stroke Center ( Cardio)
Icahris Research
AMRI: We are bringing to our partner our expertise in new Drug Delivery systems
Are you considering partnering with NYCNMR?