“Center for nanomedicine research opens, brings economic growth to WNY”, says WIVB

December 16, 2015

Published by WIVB.com 12/16/2015

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Western New York is quickly becoming a hub for medical research, including in the field of nano-technology.  The New York Center for Nanomedicine Research is part of the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus.
This small group of researchers is changing the way we use medicine, and they’re bringing economic growth to the region.

Co-Founder and CEO, ScottPatrick Sellitto said, nano-medicine is, “the new black.” He says this and NYCNMR is making Buffalo trendy. What makes nanomedicine unique, is its ability to make bad drugs good.

Sellito said, “Various cancer treatments are given, and if the cancer doesn’t kill you, the drugs probably will.” By using nano-technology to change the structure of these active drugs,  Sellito said they become safer, and make you less sick.

Co-Founder, Dr. Stanley Schwartz, said, “Nano means one-billionth ten to the minus 9th power.” He said a nano in size is consistent with molecules. Researchers say these tiny particles are opening up all new doors when it comes to medicine. Nano particles also allow them to manipulate DNA and genes. Schwartz said, “This doesn’t use necessarily the same types of medicines like for cancer chemotherapy or an anti-biotics for an infection. It really changes the whole perspective of how we use medicines.”

Though it’s technically a startup, the company has more than $2 million in contracts in just its first year. This includes clients in big pharma and hospital sanitation. Schwartz said, “One area that has evolved very recently, is the application of nano technology to disinfecting surfaces, getting rid of bugs like a terrible hospital pathogen, and for that matter, being able to attack bugs like anthrax that has been used in bio terrorism.”

The company is also working on nano-therapy to treat skin problems including wrinkles and skin cancer. Right now the team is just a staff of 12, but as the company evolves, the founders tell me they hope to bring more jobs to the Western New York region.

If you’d like to learn more about NYCNMR, you can visit the company website. 

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