Scottpatrick J. Sellitto, Founding Partner & CEO

scottpatrickSScottpatrick J. Sellitto has over three decades of experience in formulation development of over the counter (OTC) drugs, pharmaceutical, personal care and industrial products, which has resulted in over 320 products and technologies in both the personal care and consumer marketplace worldwide. Sellitto was the lead formulator and consultant for Princeton Lipids in developing systems for loaded and unloaded liposomes for topical and transdermal systems which led to the utilization of liposomes for encapsulated and targeted drug delivery use.


Furthermore, Sellitto has expertise in emulsion technology, drug delivery systems, transdermal delivery, novel nanomaterials development and materials synthesis including ultrafast and self-assembling transfection and delivery systems for a variety of cell and tissue types. Sellitto has developed valuable collaborative partnerships worldwide as he has consulted with companies such as GM, P&G, Merck, DOD, USAF, Navy, Army, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, Corning, Shell, 3M, a variety of pharmaceutical and academic institutions.


Stanley A. Schwartz, MD, PhD, Founding Partner & Chief Scientific Officer

stanSDr. Schwartz is leading nanomedical research at the NYCNMR. Engaged in research on nanomedicine for over a decade he has developed and used a wide range of nanoparticles, including liposomes, for the targeted delivery of therapeutics (drugs and nucleic acids) for several different diseases such as cancer and HIV infections.


Dr. Schwartz is a distinguished professor of medicine, pediatrics, microbiology & immunology and is the Chief of the Division of Allergy, Immunology, & Rheumatology of the Department of Medicine at the University at Buffalo.


Katherine Cwiklinski, Founding Partner & VP of Operations

KatherineCKatherine Cwiklinski has extensive experience within the nanotechnology field. During a five-year period she played an instrumental role in building CENO Technologies Inc. During that time, she developed a library of nanoparticles primarily for delivery and release of drugs and genetic materials. Katherine is responsible for the NYCNMR’s operations.


Pascal Soares, International Business Development

pascalSPascal Soares has over 25 years of international business development experience in all spectrums of life sciences including contract manufacturing or contract research organizations, diagnostics companies, investment, foreign direct Investment and economic development agencies. Pascal has in-depth knowledge of the life science industry at the level of local, national and international bio-clusters.


Don Sykes, PhD, Director of Research and Development

Dr. Sykes has been working in the lab for the past for the past 30 years and he is bringing experience in several therapeutic research programs. He is an expert in the development of nano-particules integrated into Cell line programs. Dr. Sykes developed also a standardized test for invivo studies and is also an expert in liposome carriers of SiRNA and working on in vitro studies on gene Knock down using siRNA.