NYCNMR is focused on developing applications in Nanomedicine that support individualized programs focused on wide range of therapeutics (Oncology, CNS, Cardio….) The Center is a for profit entity.  While we remain focused on Nanomedicine medicine, we continue to explore the broad applications of our technology platforms:


Targeted Drug Delivery systems, Transfection Transport Systems, Blood-Brain Barrier Systems, Transdermal Delivery of Pharmaceuticals and Cosmeceuticals, RNA interference and Gene Therapy, PhotoDynamic Therapy, Rare diseases / Orphan drug development and finally, when need it, Translational and Clinical Trials services.


NYCNMR is interested in building innovation-driven, long-lasting relationships with pharmaceutical companies by partnering in selected ongoing clinical programs that need an access to vehicle for targeted treatment. Our most advanced programs are based on a portfolio of 30 Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) available to be deployed to the market.


Through this collaboration, NYCNMR offers its extensive intellectual property portfolio with an expertise in nano Drug Delivery Transport systems and the capability to co-develop new vectors for oncology and other fields.


NYCNMR maintains a significant number of collaborations with academic institutions, inside the Buffalo Bio- Cluster. These collaborations drive academic excellence.


We continuously seek new opportunities for collaborations with academia to develop innovative technologies and new therapeutic approaches to support your programs.

Commercial Partnerships

Our primary goal in any partnership is to focus on the translation of nanotechnology to clinical applications leading to commercialization opportunities for economic development.


NYCNMR develops innovative Transport Vectors to carry, delivery and guide treatment in cancer and other diseases. NYCNMR is actively seeking partnerships to globally commercialize its pipeline, which includes a portfolio of Drug Delivery Systems.


NYCNMR is also working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop emerging drug delivery systems to provide appropriate targeting of individualized biopharmaceuticals.


Our relationship can be characterized:

  • Natural link with the R&D Institutions
  • Pharma and Biopharma corporate companies

Research & Clinical Trials

In collaboration with the nearby Clinical Research Center of the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the NYCNMR can undertake Phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials utilizing our proprietary nanomaterials.


Developed nanomaterials will be validated for clinical efficacy and commercialized by NYCNMR or our current and future business partners.


NYCNMR has extensive expertise in nanotechnologies and the areas of therapeutics – oncology, cardiology, neurology, and diagnostics. The center can take on other consulting projects within health and wellness – nutraceuticals, alternative medicine and cosmetics and within the fields of industrial nanotechnologies, advanced nano particular systems, and antimicrobial systems.

Our Process

To learn more about partnering, licensing, collaborations, partnerships, or for any scientific inquiries, please contact: Pascal Soares:



2016 January 11-15, J.P. Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference, San Francisco, USA
2016 April 16-20, AACR Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA
2016 May 10-12, CIMT Annual Meeting, Mainz, Germany
2016 June 3-7, ASCO Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA
2016 June 6-9, BIO International Convention, San Francisco, USA